Brian Gorell’s blog entitled “The Talented Mr. Montano” never fails to amuse me. Though Gorell’s creative narration of supposed misbehaviours of Manila’s socialites could be construed as sourgraping or plain fiction, the idea of Tim Yap and company’s social delinquency being broadcast over the internet is just entertaining.

From blowjob to cocaine, the Australian blogger chose not to mince words. If these revelations; about DJ Montano, Celine Lopez, Tim Yap and the rest of the so-called Gucci Gang; reflects nothing but the truth, it is evident then that Karl Marx’s idea of the lumpen sub-class should not be limited to the confines of the jobless proletariat. Even a section of the alta de sociedad has their share of “lumpenness” and even worse.

Of course, we have heard of real stories about rich drunken college boys running over/shooting/hitting an innocent one or comparable incidences but them being nameless substracts interest in this glamour-and-controversy-seeking world. Having someone considered famous implicated to a crime and getting away with it is just both glamourous and controversial. And add to that that this is not just another politician’s son or another Gretchen Barreto of the corny showbiz world but one of Maurice Arcache’s minions in the Class A world.

This is better than any Embassy brawl. Keep it coming, Mr. Gorell. Manila’s 30-and-under is entertained.