Iron Man is a fairly good movie. But more than a film, it is propaganda.

Even before accepting my two bored officemates’ invitation to watch the movie yesterday, I already expected it to be a part of the United States’ arsenal of lingering psy-ops Hollywood films.

The only difference is that, I expected the movie to be anti-communist just like the Marvel Comics version of the superhero. It turned out to be more of anti-Islamic obviously in the context of George W. Bush’s war-mongering adventures. The social commentary against war corporations is a mere sugarcoat. Lockheed is not wounded.

Still, as I said, the movie is nice in terms of entertainment. The script is snappy and Robert Downey’s rendition is even snappier. Tony Stark’s happy-go-lucky but intelligent character is tailor-fit for Downey. Even Stark’s signature unorthodox ways and pleasant surprises is well projected in the movie.

I am somewhat puzzled though why Pepper was reduced to a minor and Gwyneth Paltrow would agree to such a role. May be Pepper’s character would be build-up for the part 2 of the movie. Stark’s open-ended media confession that he is Iron Man suggests an obvious sequel. The film’s too much tinkering on the armor could also be blamed on this as the director might just be planting details for the sequels.

In the end, Iron Man is just another superhero movie franchise; meant for profit and power just like Stark Industries and Lockheed Corporation.