There shouldn’t be any masculine excitement regarding the launching of the Philippine Edition of Playboy Magazine. The editors themselves assured that there will be no frontal nudity and that they’ll only display “tasteful nudity.”

Wow. Are they saying that their American/German/etc counterparts use “tasteless nudity”? They claimed that our country being a Catholic nation is preventing them to be as explicit and provocative as the First World Playboy.

So how about the Baptists of the United States? And the Catholics of Italy where Playboy was introduced way back 1972? Actually, the most recent controversial shutdown of Playboy was in Indonesia, an Islamic nation.

And even after the said moderation done by the Philippine Edition, a lot of priests and bishops still issued self-righteous statements. There’s no way that the CBCP will be silent even for just a slight display of cleavage.

I don’t think that the real reason of Playboy in trying-hard to be just a plain “mature lifestyle magazine” is because of cultural conservatism. They’ve admitted, albeit implicitly, that they don’t intend to divide the already competitive market of FHM-Maxim readers.

Wise as they are, the owner of Playboy-Philippines is, at first, trying to check actual viability (of course, i’m assuming that they’ve already done some feasibility study on this). I do think that they’re trying to widen their base first and from there attack the FHM-Maxim market from behind.

Pinoy testosterone need to suspend a bit. After about a few issues, i think Playboy will unleash their weapon of choice: soft porn cloaked in style through intelligent articles.