From the very start that BPI approved my credit card, I never failed to make the most of the instant benefits they offer called Real Thrills. For the last segment of their promo alone (Jollibee), I got about six 1-piece Chicken Joy meals, a 2-piece Chicken Joy meal with Peach-Mango Pie and a 6-piece Chicken Joy bucket. That is aside from the loyalty points I get and the discounts I could avail of because my card is the BPI Edge type.

For the next three months or so (February to April 15), you can get free food (Chorizo Chao Fan or SpicyPork Mushroom Rice) from Chowking if you use your BPI credit card for at least P1,500 of charge. Better options are also available if your charge slip reflects a minimum of P3,000 (Fish Fillet/Breaded Pork Lauriat or Dimsum Platter or Halo-halo Fiesta) or P6,000 (Sulit Salu-Salo Set 1) spent.

For now, I only have a single P3,000-charge slip in my wallet and will soon use it in the most convenient time (in my next mall visit may be). Anyway, I still have until April 15 to get the most out of it and until June 15 to redeem these treats.

Just imagine that, for the next two months, my every visit to the supermarket is equal to a free meal. Who says there’s no such thing as free lunch then? ;p