Teresa Alegado, President of Confederation of Grains Retailers Association, said, “When it’s the businessmen doing the hoarding, when the price they wanted is reached, they can unload their stocks and make it available to consumers again. But when it’s the consumers doing the hoarding, there is no way that they would return the stocks,”

Aling Ines, sidewalk vendor, reacts, “Ay, tanga! Siyempre, ang simpleng tao, sinasaing at kinakain ang bigas. Ang mga malalaking negosyante, hino-hoard at pinagtutubuan ang bigas. Paano namin ibabalik sa palengke ang kinain na naming kanin, aber?


I went to Hi-top Quezon Avenue last Sunday afternoon and shockingly, the same rice variant that I bought for 58 pesos per 2-kilo bag (that supermarket does not sell 1-kilo packs) last Thursday is already 66 pesos! Whoa.

That is an increase of 1 peso per kilogram per day! Is this nature’s way of telling me that I should cut down on my rice intake? Well, sorry nature, but my stomach is truly Southeast Asian.

And because of that, I fried some hungarian sausages and brought it, with the bahaw of last night’s dinner, today at the office. Mmm, forced Eurasian cuisine.

That particular news about major fastfood chains offering half servings of rice is another one for the Onli in da Pilipins collection. What an irony considering that aside from being one of the biggest rice-eating populace in the world, our country is also the site of the International Rice Research Institute!

Well, the idea is commendable because it is good in many ways; the customers can save money and rice usage becomes more efficient. The problem lies though in our government’s inability to be more honest about the situation of this staple grain in our country’s stockyards.

Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap says that we don’t really have any “actual lack of supply” but only a “mere shortage.” Nice play of words, honorable secretary. No wonder the entire government is parroting the same line everytime they are being asked about the issue.

After EO464 and the SC Decision on Neri, this government already got addicted to concealing everything.  And even facts about Oryza sativa supply is now something that only they can chew.