Collective Action
Youth Against Debt
Link Foundations

Sporadic Angst and Bliss
Aaron Pedrosa
Bambee dela Paz
Bianca Rilloraza
Bikoy Villanueva
Brian Ong
Ela Mariano
Eric Cabrera
Gerald and Ira Carsula
Greg Bituin Jr.
James Miraflor
John Velarde
Kareen Cerdena
Louise Meets
Maan Villanueva
Madonna Liao
Manuel Quezon III
Mike Santiago
Pia Montalban
Racky Navarro
Ryan Capili
SJ San Juan

News from the Pinoy Views
Inquirer Interactive


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10 Responses to “Links”

  1. hahahaha.. salamat victor at meron nang “gerald AND ira carsula” 🙂 tambay ka minsan sa blog namen!

  2. dleftclick Says:

    no problem. let us be each other’s blog fan. hehe. 😛

  3. nyaha salamat sa pagadd ng link 😉

  4. psst kasama mo kong faci, mali pala ako ng sign in dito hehe. pero sana natatandaan mo ko khit di ko sabihin sino ako haha. nakalink ako sa taas pero hindi itong ginamit kong sign in, multiply ang inadd mo, okey lang nman… mas okey nga hehe.

  5. dleftclick Says:

    hehe. opkors. kaw pa. ;p

  6. rjcommisar Says:

    paganda ng paganda ang blog mo ah…

  7. Hey Jonjie! Ansarap tumambay dito!

    More! More!

    Hehe! I am surprised that we share the same views about our government’s current situation. Well i guess you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that Philippine life sucks now because of them. I hope it gets better tomorrow. But with people like you around, I know it will. Someday. Somehow.

  8. dleftclick Says:

    I hope so. We may have the faith that somehow Philippine life will be better someday. But we have always believed, though in a different context, faith without works is dead. Let us all work together for a better nation. Another Philippines is possible.

    By the way, I already linked your site from here. 🙂

  9. Hehe.. Easy boy. Lets not go to faith vs works deal. You know your in for a battle of wits with your old pal Kuya Mike.

    Kuwentuhan naman tayo minsan. Turuan mo ko ng mga natutunan mo sa Kaliwa. I want to hear it straight from a legit freedom fighter like you. I am sure it’ll be great talk because you have our “Christian” background as well as your current “Activist” point of view. Its the best of both worlds. They may differ the means but I believe both fronts want the same goal. Change. Whether which one is effective, only time will tell.

    Keep in touch bro. You know how to reach me. Just like the old times.

    You’re linked to my site as well. By the way, I really like your posts. 🙂

  10. wicca Says:

    full names talaga ang ilagay? panalo ka gurl ^_^ nyahahahaa

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