Don’t miss your chance to see Adolf Alix Jr’s internationally acclaimed film “KADIN (the Goat)” shot in beautiful Batanes screening in 35mm print!
“Kadin” fulfills the promise of Adolf Alix’s first feature-length movie, last year’s “Donsol.” The new movie follows an Ivatan boy’s picaresque wanderings through the vast landscape of Batanes as he looks for the family’s missing goat. The lonely search amid the terrible beauty of Batanes, its windswept pastures and craggy terrain, throbs with intense feeling and potent meaning.” Lito Zulueta, Philippine Daily Inquirer

“A naturalist oddyssey, Kadin is a sober account of a child’s rites of passage.”
                                                       – Locarno International Film Festival

Official Selection,
27th Amiens International Film Festival (France)

Official Selection- Ici et ailleurs,
60th Locarno International Film Festival

Best Cinematography, Best Musical Score,
3rd Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival

Starring: Rico Mark Cardona, Monica Joy Camarillas

Written and Directed  by Adolfo Alix, Jr.


April 9 – 15, 2008, (Robinson’s Galleria)

Peping wakes up to find out that Gima, their goat, is missing. His family make a living out of the milk provided the goat. He hides the truth from his grandmother. His father is also arriving the next day so he needs to find Gima before its too late. Together with his younger sister, Lita, the two go on a seemingly impossible search for the goat in the landscape of the island of Sabtang, in Batanes. A series of frustrating episodes mark the day, tension and desperation growing as natural and human forces conspire to frustrate them at every turn. The odyssey teaches the boy about the true meaning of life- where kindness and cruelty can be found in close proximity.

*In Isabtangen with English subtitles
Screening format: 35mm



sa pakikipagtulungan
 Teachers’  Dignity Coalition

 ” Konsiyerto para sa Kapayapaan at Karapatang Pantao”

UP Film Center
April 19, Saturday , 6pm
Artists :
Reggae Mistress
Bayang Barrios

Admission is FREE!

For more info:
Call 357 32 96


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