Cotto’s jabs connects in Round 1 and Pacquiao jabbs back. Cotto connects with a left hook, which throws Pacman back a bit. Cotto jabs again. Pacman tries to figure Cotto. Cotto jabs effecively while Pacman takes his time. Pacman connects with 1-2. Pacman tries to slip, attacks, but Cotto holds. Cotto presses attack, Pacman lands left hook which wobbles Cotto a bit.

In Round 2, Pacman jabs, throws a left straight. Cotto fights back. He seems to look faster than Pacman. Pacman keeps his hands up, defends self. The Filipino connects left straight, throws combinatons. Cotto appears to have thrown a low blow. Pacman rattles Cotto with big left hooks and explosive punches. Cotto seems a bit hurt. Cotto tries to trap Pacman in the corner but the Pacman escapes Cotto survives the knockdown in Round 3.

Pacman attacks again. Pacman presses the fight, Cotto recovers. Both fighters unleash big bombs. Pacman jabs in , connects with left, darts out. Cotto was told to keep his punches high, Cotto pushes Pacman’s head down.

In Round 4, Cotto jabs, throws big left, Pacman retreats. Cotto throwing body punches, Pacman throws 1-2, then upper cuts, cuts Cotto’s combo. Pacman throws assualt, Cotto’s knees wobble. The referee separates them. Pacman on the ropes waits for Cotto’s attack, slips and escapes. Cotto, who got knocked down, is saved by the bell.

Cotto presses attack in Round 5 as Pacman boxes from the distance, being careful. Pacman lands a combo again, forces Cotto to peek-a-boo defense. Pacman is boxing beautifully, stays on the ropes. Pacman gets hit a bit, moves to the center. Pacman jabs, connects. Cotto holds, both fighters wrestle a bit. A flurry of exchanges before the bell rings.

In Round 6, Cotto jabs, moves forward, Pacman throws hook, upper cut and connects with big right hook. Cotto seems affected, dances away. Pacman presses action. Cotto, whoretreats, gets hit with 1-2. Pacman throws a 1-2-3, Cotto holds. Cotto lands jab, uses it effectively. Pcaman attacks again. It wobbles Cotto a bit. Cotto taps Pacman’s cheek when the round ended as if to say: “Good round.”

Pacman throws a heavy right in Round 7. Cotto reels a bit. The Puerto Rican keeps his hands up, moves forward, throws a straight then a hook. But Pacman seems unaffected. Pacman moves forward, dictating the pace. Cotto tries to dance away, Pacman hunts Cotto and connects 1-2 before the round ends.

Round 8 ensues and Cotto now has bruises under the eyes. Pacquiao is getting confident. Cotto uses the ring to stay away from Pacman who is boxing beautifully. Cotto pecking away, Pacman traps him at the ropes. Cotto receives 1-2-3, before stepping away. Pacman stalks his prey, connects an upper cutand hook. He traps Cotto in the corner.

Cotto jabs in Round 9. Pacman hits his gloves together. He seems to say, “Come on, fight.” Cotto attacks with 1-2, Pacman fights back. Cotto holds. Cotto is trapped at the ropes. Cotto’s face is a mess, his right eye is swelling. Pacman’s face remains clean. Pacman stalks his prey again, Cotto retreats a bit.

Cotto attacks, tries to control the fight in Round 10. Pacman keeps his defense. Pacman attacks again. Cotto tries to hold but Pacman stays away. Pacman walks forward, hunts Cotto down. Cotto seems always to retreat, uses the ring and stays away from Pacman. Pacman sighs, seems tired from chasing. Pacman picks the pace again. Cotto’s face is really a mess after Round 10. His nose is bleeding, right eye puffed. He has a small cut in the left brow.

The Puerto Rican boxes away in Round 11. This fight has shades of the Cotto-Antonio Margarito fight when the Puerto Rican was trying to stay away from Margarito. Pacman connects with 1-2-3-4 punches! Pacman tries to trap cotto in the corner, Cotto moves away and jogs around. Cotto jabs with a “stay away from me punch.” Cotto counter punches, gets boos from the crowd. Pacman is just dominating Cotto, using ring generalship.

Pacman hunts Cotto down, Cotto throws a left hook, Pacman catches Cotto with 1-2. Pacman is relentless, 1-2, 1-2. Kenny Bayless steps in, waves off the fight just seconds over two minutes in Round 12.