I am never a fan of toilet humor and I’ve always regarded human rights, moreso workers’ rights, as a very serious issue. But the news about the Filipino machine operator who was sacked due to his preferred hygienic practice made me laugh really hard.

Well, this is very similar to the Filipina student in Canada who was castigated for using a spoon for her meals. Her Canadian teachers do not want her to eat the Filipino way while Amador Bernabe, the 43-year old OFW in Australia, is being prohibited to excrete just like how most Pinoys do.

Clearly, this is an invasion of his rights as a person and as a worker. I deem that one of the most private spaces of every person, just like a prayer room (sorry to the religious ones for the comparison), is the bathroom or the toilet cubicle.

Bernabe, in practicing his cultural belief that it is better to use water than toilet paper alone, is not offending anyone nor any other culture as he is doing this privately (unless his managers’ are Peeping Tom’s). Thus it is totally uncalled for for his superiors to demand that he clean his ass the Australian way.

Good thing that the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union is solid behind the OFW. Well, even internationalism and labor solidarity exist inside the toilet.