I was chatting with some core group members of the Firefly Brigade during UP Diliman USC’s Eco-Active Day yesterday when one of them mentioned that they should combat the implementation of bike ban along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City.

Hearing of the said prohibition, i immediately reacted that it is idiotic and backward. Kuya Ricky, the Firefly Brigade core member who raised the issue, said that it is supposed to be implemented soon and their organization will dare the authorities and will ply the Commonwealth road with their two-wheels.

They have all my support. While the whole world is doing everything to encourage the use of bicycles for all the reasons we could imagine; environmental, health and economic, the Quezon City government (with the support of the LTO, LTFRB and the Highway Patrol Group) is drawing its sword against cyclists.

We also have to take note that Commonwealth Avenue is an eight-lane road so even if we designate two (one for each side) for biking, it won’t be a real problem. Aside from that, we must also consider that since Commonwealth connects Downtown QC to its industrial areas like Novaliches and Fairview, several of the affected cyclists are mere workers who are trying to make ends meet with the seemingly chronic economic crisis we are in.