There were actually two tremors felt though Manila is a little less than 150 kilometers away from the epicenter. It happened while I’m monitoring calls at work in Quezon City. Our agents were a bit nervous, and of course dizzy, but responsible supervisors made them calm.

The sad part is that even after an hour, PHILVOLCS is yet to post a report of the said earthquake. I also checked two of my most trusted online local news sites ( and but it seems that they are also waiting for the PHILVOLCS data.

So I tried checking the site of the US Geological Survey ( and then I learned where the epicenter is and their respective intensity. The first one (11:05:00 AM Manila Time) is 5.6 while the second (11:09:13 AM Manila Time) is 6.1 in the Richter scale.

I have yet to know if there are damages or casualties though. I hope there’s none. What saddened me is the fact that PHILVOLCS seems to be very late. Up until I post this message, there are still no report being seen on their website (

Still, I don’t believe that our seismologists are not doing their job. I believe in the commitment of our scientists here especially those who chose to remain in public service. The problem lies in our government’s seeming neglect of science due to excessive populism and lack of political will that result to wrong budgetary priorities and other related problems.

Then I remembered that the popular Reynaldo Punongbayan, a fellow Torresian like me, died poor. With his intelligence and popularity no one would imagine that such a great man will perish without a house to call his own.