July 2008

I have always been a fan of Marvel and not of DC Comics. It seems though that The Dark Knight is better than any other superhero movie, from Stan Lee and otherwise.

TDK is not the usual pop-corn-for-kids adventure film. Not a superhero-whips-the-villain’s-ass action flick either. With all its intelligence and wit, you’ll enjoy TDK not because of its special effects or the characters’ costumes but because of the script and the performance of the actors.

To be honest, I don’t remember any good thing about past Batman movies and some of them I didn’t even bothered to watch. So expect no comparison here.

Without knowing that it was Heath Ledger, TDK caught my interest before when its trailer showed Joker. I actually thought that I should be waiting for a sequel of The Crow. I only knew that it was Heath Ledger when the screening date is already near and movie news websites are already buzzing about Ledger’s possible posthumous Oscar.

When I saw the film, though his co-nominees are also factors, I do think that Ledger really deserves such. Especially after I read the effort he did since the film’s pre-shooting.

Back to TDK, one thing I would like to assert is that I never saw this really as a superhero film. Batman is presented here more of an anti-hero. The title itself suggests that the title role is dark. The movie actually presented a possible “White Knight” in the person of District Attorney Harvey Dent.

The entire presentation of Dent, eventually Two-Face, in TDK actually debunks the idea of a superhero, of someone who is “pure” and “white”. For years, Batman, though not a lot of people know, already debunked the idea that “superheroes” got super powers. All Batman has are gadgets, wealth and machinery, remember?

Also, I like the way Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) threatened to leave Bruce Wayne if the mobile tracking computer will be used other than against The Joker. No other post-September 11 franchise Hollywood film made such a declaration of support for civil liberties. Wayne eventually redeemed himself after Fox followed his instruction whenever he is ready to resign.

The Joker’s psychopath-not-for-the-money-criminal is perfect. For me, he represents not the petty thieves who do criminal things due to desperation but the usual mad men in our midst. Those who hunger for more even though they don’t need it anymore. Though the Nolan Brothers may have written this one without such a concept. I can’t help but think that this particular Joker’s character symbolizes capitalist greed.

What balanced the too-dark-villain is the scene where not one among the two ferries’ scores of passengers, not the civilians who hates the criminals nor the convicts who sees they have nothing to lose if they’ll kill the civilians, decided to pull the trigger.

With such, TDK actually presented a good concoction of the real and the ideal, that the world has no rules but in the end, may the better idea win.

One thing that I need to air though is that this movie should have been entitled The Joker for two reasons: since it made me understand the villain’s character more than Batman and obviously Ledger outshone Christian Bale on this one.

The Dragons made it once again. After I was promoted to the Quality Coordinator position and Jeremy to being an OIC who is now awaiting promotion to be a Team Manager, four of our former teammates were appointed as new Sales Buddies.

Daisy, Melvin, Mark and Ed definitely deserve to be part of the new seven-man sales coaching team. I know how they worked hard to be worthy of the promotion. And ever since I was made a part of the Quality Department, I am always proud of most of my teammates with them at the forefront. Their scores are always in the line of nine.

I know there are more to come for the Dragons. Our focus on quality sales are now being felt and our Team Manager was even approached by the Senior Account Manager as he is very grateful of the team that consistently delivers in all aspects.

Way to go, Dragons. Way to go, Fantastic Four.

I never thought that a hundred and fifty pesos will give me the thrill and entertainment I got Thursday night. I almost forgot it though it is noted in my email inbox but the good thing is that Nica, a friend who is also a former full-timer, asked me if I will be able to go to the gathering at My Brother’s Mustache along Scout Tuason near Tomas Morato. It was a tribute concert for Susan Fernandez, the Nightingale of the Philippine Left who is under medication for a certain type of cancer.

The event was aptly described by Director Joel Saracho, one of the night’s hosts, as a reunion of sorts. I can’t imagine an activity that will make both Judy Taguiwalo and Etta Rosales attend with sincerity. The former is a Maoist who accuses the other as a reformist while the latter is a Social Democrat who labels the other as an extremist. But that night’s cause summoned them in a venue smaller than the lobby of UP’s Palma Hall.

As I said, that mini-concert is amazing. The names may not be pop but are certainly musical gods and goddesses. Mike Villegas and Noli Aurelio are such guitar monsters. Lolita Carbon, Noel Cabangon, Joey Ayala and Gary Granada are timeless singer-composers of progressive music.

Chikoy Pura of The Jerks was there as well as Lourd de Veyra of Radioactive Sago Project. Jazz artist Mon David’s daughter and son were there to sing and play as their father is out of the country. Poet Pete Lacaba was there. Dodong Nemenzo. Jess Santiago. Bayang Barrios. Cookie Chua. Even someone as pop as Bituin Escalante graced the event. Add to that the sarcasm and antics of Joel Saracho and Bagong Dugo.

And without a nil of compensation, none gave a mediocre performance. Nobody left the place unsatisfied and nearly all of us even think that that gathering is more than ten-folds the 150 we cashed-in.