This is my first blog post for weeks. The reason is because I decided not to write any until I passed an agent for the monitors I’ve been doing since I was promoted. Luckily, either for the agent or for my weeks-long ignored blog, someone managed to get 93% for her quality score. And now I’m back here.

The past weeks were rollercoaster rides in all aspects. From learning how to cook pochero to dating a self-confessed bitch, from appreciating practical spontaneous poetry to letting someone mess up with my hair, it feels like I was born a hundred times more. It does not even include the several firsts of my new office and some others that , however worth posting, seems not proper to be mentioned here.

While incidentally enjoying life, not a few people asked me the past few days if I am happy. Well, given that their question was asked in different situations and contexts, I gave no standard answer. The only thing that keeps on being delivered by my tendency to overanalyze and be talkative is my dichotomy between—- and relativity of —-pleasure and happiness. But that is, of course, another story.

Pondering further though and an inspirational message from a friend led me to something. Another complex concept is conceived and it is something worth asking everyone; Are we here to make a living or get a life? Tell me your answer people as both are worth an explanation from either side of your gray matter.